Power supply systems

Power supply systems

Power supply system (PSS) is a complex of electrical installations that are being developed and installed to provide the consumers electric energy.

The main demands to power supply systems:

  • the system reliability and uninterruptedness of the power supply:
  • the energy quality at the input to the customer;
  • safe PSS elements service;
  • unification (modularity, standardization);
  • economy (energy efficiency and saving);
  • ecological compatibility;
  • ergonomics.

Our company has enough experience in developing and implementation of various power supply systems. We are ready to offer the full complex service in this branch.

Our power supply systems department consists of:

  •  The group of electricity distribution systems projecting;
  • The group of lighting systems and protective automatics projecting;
  • The group of automated technical and commercial energy recording (ATER and ACER) projecting;
  • Electric technical laboratory.

You can find ELAKS references in the field of power supply in the chapter released projects.