Manufacture low-voltage installation

Manufacture low-voltage installation

PJSC ELAKS offers manufacturing and supply of the low-voltage complex installations.

The company projects and produces the following equipment (according to the standard and specific client’s schemes):

  • lead-in distributive devices (series LDD (Lead-in Distributive Device), MLDD (Municipal Lead-in Distributive Device), DB-90 (Distributive Board));
  • lighting boards, lighting control boxes (type LCB (Lighting Control Box));
  •  low-voltage complex control devices for electric motors and fans (type B5000 (Box));
  • power accounting boards;
  • distributive points (type DP (Distributive Point));
  • power supply control cabinets;
  • heat – power equipment control cabinets;
  • pumps, slide valves, valves etc. control cabinets;
  • reserve automatic insertion cabinets (RAI (Reserve Automatic Insertion));
  • complex transformer stations and substations (CTS (Complex Transformer Stations));
  • automated working place cabinets (AWP (Automated Working Place));
  • boxes and boards (PB (Power Box), BB (Break Box), LTB (Lowering Transformer Box), DB (Distributive Board), ESB (Emergency Shutdown Box);
  • control constant current cabinets (CCCC);
  • ACS (Automated Control System) control boards and panels.

We own well-equipped production space of 1100 sq.m for highly qualified manufacturing of the above mentioned equipment including:

  • electric assembling department;
  • incoming control department;
  • mechanical work-shop;
  • packing department.

All cabinets and boards are supplied being fully packed and ready-to-use under warranty. Each separated device is subjected to the internal technical quality control.