Industrial Automation Systems (ACS TP)

Industrial Automation Systems (ACS TP)

Industrial automation is a complex of means that help to implement technological processes without human but under his control.

Company ELAKS offers the complex service in developing automated control systems for technological processes (ACS TP). The company designs, implements and attends ACS TP using the equipment and hardware of the leading manufacturers.

The implementation of ACS TP at the enterprise positively influences the growing number of products, prime cost lowering and the better quality of goods. Automation spares the time needed for the industrial process controlling and executive mechanisms maintenance.

We offer our clients the highly reliable technologies and solutions in the field of ACS TP developing and implementation at the industrial enterprise:

  • technical survey of the automation objects;
  • ACS TP designing and realization concept developing;
  • hardware and software supply;
  • assembling and commissioning at the client’s enterprise;
  • users teaching and consulting;
  • warranty, scientific and technical attend of the system.

ELAKS develops its ACS solutions on the basis of the world brand equipment: Siemens, Phoenix Contact, АВВ, Rittal. The own projecting and constructing facilities give the possibility to release the full cycle of various systems designing, creation and implementation.

Industrial automation systems are being developed on the basis of software and hardware complexes (SHC) and application software. Application software is designed with the help of algorithms created by the programmers as well as with the use of the worldwide human-machine interface software brands such as Siemens (WinCC) and Wonderwave (InTouch).

Our specialists choose the software and hardware regarding to:

  • different brands system components compatibility and interchangeability;
  • the optimal combination price – quality;
  • the possibility of ACS integration in the existing or newly projected upper level production control systems;
  • the possibility of the independent system service during its further operation for the customer.

You can find the projects released by ELAKS in the chapter released projects.