Electrotechnical Laboratory

Electrotechnical Laboratory

ELAKS posses the mobile Electric Technical Laboratory (ETL) dealing with electric measurements, verification and power quality analysis. We have the possibility to conduct the complex checking of power supply systems with the recommendations for system operation improvement.

ETL activity areas:

  • measurements and high-voltage testing of equipment and electricity protection means up to 10kV;
  • setting-up and testing of electric substations equipment, industrial automation devices, power networks up to 10kV;
  • equipment (both home and foreign manufacturers) setting-up;
  • power networks relay protection designing as well as numerical relay protection devices (SINUMERIC) programming;
  • measurement of the mean-square and peak indexes of the line and phase currents and tensions as well as of the consumed active and reactive power, power coefficient.

The area of the metrology verification has more that 20 activity directions.

Legal permission for measurements and works conduction on theterritoryofUkraine:

  • Certificate №100-2207/2006 (issued by the State Enterprise Kharkovstandardmetrology);
  • Labor Protection State Inspectorate (Territorial Authority inKharkovregion) Permission №255.06.63-74.20.1.