Electric drive control systems

Electric drive control systems

In general the controlled electric drive means the electric mechanical system that operates the technical device working organs. The system consists of transmission, motional, converting and controlling devices.

The controlled electric drive consists of the main types of converting devices: alternate to stable tension changing rectifiers; inventors changing energy opposite to rectifiers; direct frequency changers; alternate and stable tension regulators providing the tension level converting without changing frequency.

ACS for alternate and stable tension electric drives is one of the prior areas of ELAKS activity. The high quality of our technologies can be proved by the number of released projects.

ELAKS provides the complex of works in the area of electric drive systems regarding the following directions:

  • constant current electric drive;
  • alternate current electric drive;
  • outdated electric drives modernization;
  • constant current electric drive modernization by its replacement by modern thyristor;
  • frequency inventors implementation for energy consuming;
  • electric drives for numerical control lathes.

The specialists of our company have an enormous experience with the following electric drive types: Simoreg DCM, Sinamics DCM, Simovert, Micromaster MM440, Sinamics G120, Sinamics S120, Schneider Altivar, Robicon Perfect Harmony, ABB ACS, ABB DCS, Lenze, Vacon.